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We at Ramanayaka International have attained an outstanding growth in the national market through our work full of integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Under the pragmatic leadership of our mentor, Mr. Monty Kumar Wassist who has vast experience of marketing, we are working prolifically as a trader and importer of various machines that have endless uses in textile, mechanical & other industries.
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Automatic Raising Machine

HR Coil
Automatic Raising Machines

Product Description:  

This product is suitable for non-topping, leather base cloth, warp knitting and other industries. Specifically used for non-topping, super soft, weft-knitted suede, short wool and cotton, cotton blended, warp knitted, wool, wool blended and chemical fiber fabrics.

Technical characteristics:

  • This machine adopts man-machine interface, PLC control, multi-frequency converter speed regulation at the same time.
  • The cloth speed, tension, cylinder and hair roller speed can be steplessly changed.
  • Bearing enlargement, strong bearing capacity, tension under belt, bridge wheel enlargement, long belt life.
  • This machine is equipped with fast-changing belt system, multi-functional distribution.
  • When the machine stops, the belt is completely relaxed, which is convenient to clean up the broken cloth, safe and efficient.
  • It can store 500 technological parameters with simple and efficient operation.
  • It has the functions of zero start, automatic guide and fault alarm and diagnosis.
  • Can be multiple online, online can be fully synchronized.


Technical Specifications :


Price / platform

Installed power

40 kw

Actual power consumption

24 kw

Adjustable production rate

5-30 m/min

Needle roller number


Needle roller diameter

φ 70

Cylinder speed

60-90 rpm

Cylinder diameter

φ 1120

Transmission mode

Belt drive

Touch screen control


Effective gate width - 2000mm


Effective gate width - 2200mm


Effective gate width - 2500mm